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I lol'd

Ran into my first griefer a few weeks back. They act just like this. You gotta watch out, they smell fear.

Also, why did you rate it a 6 if you thought this flash was bad, PhinnyCupcakes? 6 is above average, which is good.

Heartwarming :)

If only more anime's went this far....

So bad its........

well its bad, but I enjoyed it anyway. Call it a guilty pleasure.

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Love the idiots who say boring dialog......

Its from the movie -_-

This is almost a direct translation of the movie.

The Room is so bad it rips on itself. Enjoy the game for what it is, a parody

I like

Survival: B
Compassion: A

What can i say, I'm a good guy(except for that one girl i shot without trying to help really lol). Other than that, I'm a good guy.

Cannot wait for part 3. How many parts do you plan on making? Do you have an outline of the overall story, or will you continue to make parts as you see fit? Either way, i've throughly enjoyed the first two.

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Wow @_@

I favorited this a long time ago, and just now listened to it again. For whatever reason, I can't believe that I didn't comment on this earlier. This is amazing! It brightened up my morning a lot! :D

Keep up the good work.

Linktrx responds:

Hey! Thanks so much for commenting and the great compliment! Im glad your still enjoying it cause i almost forgot about it haha.

Great song, but the heart beat sound is terrible

The piano portion of this song is amazing, but could you please please please get rid of that beep noise? I know its kind of the point with the song, but it breaks the mood. You really need a video to go along with the heartbeat.

Still, I can tell you have talent. Good idea, it just didn't translate too well in execution.
Just my two cents.

I would have given it a 0

But I liked it too much.

tazz780 responds:

Hahahahahaha! Best review EVER.]
thank's a lot, have a good Easter


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